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Rack, Bike Mopar 82204452 Hitch Mounted Bicycle Carrier holds two bikes securely off the back of the vehicle by mounting into a 1.25 inch Hitch Receiver. Carrier installs and removes in seconds, and also folds down to allow entry into the rear hatch. Holds any bike with a Crossbar (Boys-style). For use with bikes without crossbars (Girls-style), order optional Frame Adapter (sold separately.)
Intake System 2.1 Magic Touch Designs PROWL – INTAKE 2.1 Custom intake system for Prowlers with the 3.5 liter engine. Replaces airbox in the stock location with a resuable K&N-style cone air filter, housed in an aluminum heat shield. Includes an EGR Bypass kit which prevents the recirculation of manifold gases back into the intake.
We are the manufacturer of the OEM DaimlerChrysler Prowler bras for both the Prowler and Prowler Trailer. After the vehicle and all OEM accessories were discontinued we decided to offer the masks on the web. We currently offer the vehicle mask, and will be offering the trailer mask shortly. Just like OEM – Covers front of hood section and sides, all the way to the doors – Includes embroidered Skintight Logo. Contact John Hill:
Battery Blanket – Electric Battery Heater Mopar 82300778 The Battery Blanket plugs in at any 110 volt outlet and warms the vehicle battery to improve cold starting performance. Made of durable, fire-retardant vinyl that resists oils and acids, the blanket is wrapped and secured around the battery and left there year-round. Plug in the 110 volt lead duing extremely cold weather to warm the battery, extending battery life and improving vehicle starting.
Plymouth knew exactly what they were doing when they designed the Prowler and Prowler parts. The ultimate modern-day “pinup” car was the intention and the Prowler’s image succeeded. Its lower-slung body, booming wheels, and exposed cab harkens back to the days when roadburning was not just a hobby, but a way of life. Those were simpler times, true enough, but this machine is stylish, iconic, and a valued collector’s item that contrasts perfectly with today’s automotive clones. Drivers of the Prowler know what it is to stand out a little bit. Now, they just want to stand out even more with the help of stylish Prowler accessories.
The Arctic Cat Prowler is historically significant because it is the first real sled to be produced by the post-hiatus Arctic Cat. This sled would set the tone of what the new Arctic Cats would become and to lead the company back towards the top. Though the line only lasted through six years of production, its impact is still felt. Keep the legacy of your Arctic Cat Prowler alive when you get everything that you need to ride this winter at Dennis Kirk.
License plate bracket, front Tectrum Sales Front plate bracket Part Description: Show off your personalized plate up front, too! No drilling or holes required for this mounting bracket design! I am selling unique, custom-made stainless steel front license plate mounting brackets for your Prowler. It will work with any model year. Designed for the Prowler exclusively. The bracket fits under your left front bumper and uses the license plate mount that came with your car. When it\’s attached the bracket is very nearly invisible. It can be applied and removed many times yet remains very secure once it\’s attached. Uses only the best available components and includes necessary stainless hardware. Photos available by return email. $75.00 + $7.50 shipping. If you\’re required to have it on the front, it might as well look good! So show off that personalized plate!
Wheel Locks – 4 Lock Set Mopar 05247022 Set contains four 2-piece locks consisting of a high strength locks and bright chrome plastic caps. Locks and keys feature exclusive puzzle key patterns. Designed for use when lug nuts are visible and exposed. Helps protect against wheel and tire theft.
Reintroduced in 1999, the new Prowler was available in yellow, black, or red body colors in addition to the original purple one. New, but optional were the chrome wheels. Traction control and antilock brakes were still not available. The big change for 2000 was the improved suspension and softened springs. This year silver body color also appeared, dropping down yellow and purple body colors. While leather boot and new chrome bezel went on the gearshift, an automatic-dimming mirror gained an integral compass and trip computer. Remaining mostly unchanged, the 2001 model offered new colors. So did the last 2002 model with Inca Gold Pearl coat replacing the Midnight Blue Pearl coat.
At Dennis Kirk, you will find the best selection of Arctic Cat Prowler parts and accessories. We carry everything that you need to make the next trip on your sled more enjoyable. Our inventory is larger than any other aftermarket snowmobile parts vendor anywhere. You will be able to find everything that you need at Dennis Kirk to keep your Prowler going this winter and for years to come.
Our mini belly pan is for those who want to keep the rear bumper but want to hide all the frame and undercarriage parts. Exhaust exits at stock location. Works well with our Transmission Cooler Cover. Comes unpainted and uses existing mounting bolts for easy installation. Works with factory trailer hitch. Part # MBP $250.00 The side panels are a high quality hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. They install and fit like the factory panels. The vents in the panels are a direct copy of the vents on the hood of a Viper, permitting the escape of the unwanted heat under the hood of your Prowler. Not only are they functional they look great. Side marker lights optional. (Sold as a PAIR) Part # VSP $900.00 The traditional hiboy look on a Prowler. Fabricated with hand-laid fiberglass, the kit includes two new rear quarter panels and rear belly pan. All panels mount at factory mounting points. Comes unpainted. Incredible look. Part # HBK $1750.00 Our new Rear Spoiler is of similar design as the very popular TGF spoiler that is no longer available. The differences are that our spoiler is made of hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. Our spoiler has been raised up so the factory third brake light sets under the spoiler. It comes with a 12″ long, 90 LED recessed brake light. The spoiler also comes without a LED light for those who want to use the factory brake light only. A black gel coated blanking plate for the factory third brake light is available. Our spoiler works well with the factory soft top and hard tops available. Spoiler/LED Light: – Part # SLED – $725.00 Spoiler Only: – Part # SO – $675.00 Blanking Plate: – Part # BP – $35.00 “There are lots of reasons to customize your Prowler with” HOT NEW PRODUCTS All our products are engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Existing mounting points are used for easy installation. No modification is required to your Prowler allowing easy return to stock anytime you desire. Our original grill shell with diamond chrome mesh inserts and chrome or painted shell. The grill uses existing mounting points and can be installed in just minutes. Chrome Shell: – Part # CDG $675.00 Painted Shell: – Part # PDG $600.00 Remove your front bumpers and install our hand laid fiberglass fairing/signal assembly. You will love the fit. Our  LED lights, each with 48 amber LEDs, offer fantastic  lighting at the factory signal flash rate. They come with both clear and amber lens; you chose the one you want to use. The assemblies come in primer paint. All necessary hardware and factory-type cable assemblies for easy installation are provided. Part # FFSAS  $595.00 This is the return of our full Rear Belly Pan we have made since 1999. The Belly Pan is made of hand laid fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. Also included are 2 aluminum diamond grills protecting the transmission cooler. The Belly Pan mounts in the same mounting holes as the factory rear valance. We have spread out the exit ports for the exhaust pipes requiring some minor exhaust modification. Part # RBP  $495.00 The best quality chrome transmission cooler cover available on the  market.  It is made of 18 guage steel. The transmission cooler cover protects the transmission cooler from road debris while allowing excellent air flow through the cooler.  Can be installed in 15 minuets using existing mounting points.  Also available in all Prowler colors.   Part # CLTCC $135.00 We offer high quality triple-plated chrome factory front suspension parts for your Prowler. There are 2 options available: Option 1 Send us your parts and we will chrome and return them to you. Turn-around time is 3-4 weeks. Option 2 Note: There is also a refundable core deposit for Option 2. We offer an exchange program which means your Prowler is down only long enough to change the parts. We only have 1 set of core parts, so this is a first-come, first-served program. Part# Option #1 Option #2 (Left/Right) Upper/Lower A-Arms : Part # CULA $1340.00 $1390.00 Note: Lower A-arms include new ball joints Knuckles (Pair) : Part # CK  $490.00 $515.00 Adapter Plate (Pair) : Part # CAP $215.00 $235.00 Brake Caliper (Pair) : Part # CBC $225.00 $250.00 Inner/Outer Tie Rod Ends (Pair): Part# CTR $160.00 $175.00 Front Fender Brackets (Pair) : Part # CFB $225.00 $250.00 Struts (Pair) : Part # CFS $150.00 $160.00 Stainless Front Brake Lines (Pair) : Part # SBL $150.00 $160.00   Total Chrome Front Suspension Kit : $2955.00 $3135.00 Something for those of you who want to dress up your front suspension. A great addition to the chrome front suspension. These OEM ball joint covers are triple plated in the same show quality chrome as my other parts. Available now in a set of 2. Part # CBJC $85.00 The Oval Side Panels are of the same design as the popular TGF panels that are no longer available. The panels are made of high quality fiberglass with a black gel coat finish. The oval cutouts permit the escape the the unwanted heat under the hood of your Prowler. A decorative mesh covers the oval cutouts from inside of the panels. Side marker lights can be used with the panels. (Sold as a pair) Part # OSP $950.00 CHROME FRONT SUSPENSION DIAMOND GRILL FAIRING SIGNAL ASSEMBLY VIPER SIDE PANELS © 2017 All Rights Reserved. REAR SPOILER REAR BELLY PAN MINI-REAR BELLY PAN CHROME LASER TRANS COOLER COVER HIBOY KIT CHROME UPPER BALL JOINT COVERS OVAL SIDE PANELS CHROME FRONT SUSPENSION | BILLET GRILL FAIRING | DIAMOND GRILL FAIRING | FRONT FRAME COVER | SIGNAL ASSEMBLY | VIPER SIDE PANELS | REAR SPOILER | REAR BELLY PAN | MINI-REAR BELLY PAN | CHROME LASER TRANS COOLER COVER | | HIBOY KIT | CHROME UPPER BALL JOINT COVERS | OVAL SIDE PANELS| HEADREST COVERS SCROLL DOWN Download Product Brochure
Standing out is all part of the package with’s selection of Plymouth Prowler Accessories and parts. There is no shortage of top-quality options for you to choose from inside our inventory, as all of our Plymouth Prowler Accessories and Parts come from the most respected brand-names in the business. Spoilers, floor mats, grille guards, and a whole lot more are on display with the durability and precise OEM fit you need. Giving your car an edge that makes a difference is what it’s all about. Plymouth Prowler Accessories deliver results that matter.
American Car Craft produces the highest quality, award-winning custom car accessories and custom car parts in the entire world. And check out our head-turning custom car graphics and custom vinyl car decals. Subscribe today for exclusive, VIP custom car offers delivered to your inbox.
I am looking for a cockpit cover for the prowler. The roof is too heavy to put up and down. I just leave it down and barely drive the car due to the car being opened. I have seen cockpit covers on the older vettes. I would like one for the prowler.

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“Aftermarket” is a term used to describe parts that are not made by the factory. So for example, for your Plymouth Prowler, if you buy parts for your car that are not actually made by Plymouth, then those are termed “aftermarket”. Many people use the term “Prowler aftermarket parts” specifically when referring to custom parts for the Prowler, like performance parts or custom appearance parts. But even if you just replace your Prowler brake pads with OEM-grade factory-style brake pads that are not made by Plymouth, those too are aftermarket Prowler parts. Over the course of a vehicle’s life, it almost certainly will have aftermarket parts installed in it at some point, even if the vehicle is never actually “modded out”.
Radiator Bug Screen Catcher – All Years ProGuard IIIâ„¢ 10003 Customize your Plymouth® Prowler while keeping bugs, debris, rocks and mud away from radiator. Screens help prevent clogging and overheating. Screens resist rust and corrosion. This Bug Screen fits perfectly in place and is a snug fit ready to protect your Prowlers engine bay!
“Aftermarket” is a term used to describe parts that are not made by the factory. So for example, for your Chrysler Prowler, if you buy parts for your car that are not actually made by Chrysler, then those are termed “aftermarket”. Many people use the term “Prowler aftermarket parts” specifically when referring to custom parts for the Prowler, like performance parts or custom appearance parts. But even if you just replace your Prowler brake pads with OEM-grade factory-style brake pads that are not made by Chrysler, those too are aftermarket Prowler parts. Over the course of a vehicle’s life, it almost certainly will have aftermarket parts installed in it at some point, even if the vehicle is never actually “modded out”.
A retro-styled vehicle, called Plymouth Prowler, was introduced in 1997 and had an appearance like no other modern car on the road. The production years for this model were the 1997 and 1999-2002. Based on the 1993 concept car, the 2-door roadster’s design was unique and distinct due to the open, Indy racer style front wheels. In addition to its sophisticated look, Plymouth Prowler featured innovative technology and reliable Prowler parts. Built on Chrysler PR platfrom, the sports car used Chrysler LH sedan’s 3.5-liter V6 engine, which produced 214 hp. More powerful version of this engine replaced it in 1999 with an increase of 39 hp. The Prowler came with rear-mounted automatic transmission along with Autostick manual-shift feature, that allowed manual gear selection when needed.
Gears, Performance ProwlerPro Patent Pending Prowler Pro is the first company to offer deeper gear ratio for the Prowler. The new gear ratio is much more suited to the kind of driving you do in a Prowler.
Whatever you expect from your Plymouth Prowler, a bold look, mind-boggling performance, greater ride comfort, or safer driving, CARiD goes the extra mile to meet all your needs. Our extensive range of premium accessories and parts covers all the bases, whether you want your vehicle to be more powerful, smarter, fun to drive, or just need to restore it to original condition. We know how to throw a classy appeal into your Plymouth Prowler and keep it providing the best performance, so trust us and get the greatest bang for the buck!
Though it was just one of 250 ideas put forward in a 1990 brainstorming session at Chrysler’s Pacifica Design studio in California, the Prowler made the cut for further development. Numerous iterations followed before the definitive design was frozen in mid-1992, and a full-size version readied for the 1993 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Though its attitude and performance…
Wheel, Prowler Trailer Mopar 82204841 15 x 6 Cast Aluminum Prowler Trailer Wheel, painted True Silver to match vehicle wheels, then clear coated to resist chips and corrosion. Sold individually with a center cap.
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Did you know we also create a wide variety of Plymouth Prowler specific parts and accessories? We can make a very unique ride a one of a kind! Wondering where you can get them? Give us a call (727) 861-1500 or find a dealer by clicking Here. 
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We know that you would rather be riding and that’s why we keep all of our parts in stock and ready to ship the same day, so you get what you need faster. Dennis Kirk has been the leader in the powersports industry since 1969, so you can rest assured that we have your back when it comes to outfitting your Arctic Cat Prowler with the right Arctic Cat parts and accessories. With our no-hassle return policy and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $89, you can buy with confidence!
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